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Richmond, California has one of the most diverse small business communities in the state, with minority and women-owned businesses accounting for nearly 53% of the total firms in Contra Costa County. However, nearly half of the foreign born families in Contra Costa County are living below the poverty line. Many of the new Americans who operate small businesses, or would like to start one, lack crucial knowledge on how to make their business profitable and socially-responsible.

In 2008, AnewAmerica began offering microenterprise development services to new American communities in Richmond. Former AnewAmerica student and current entrepreneur, Leonor Garcia (see photo on right), mentored a group of sixteen entrepreneurs through the twenty-five week college certificate program in Business Planning.

In 2009, these eager entrepreneurs graduated from the Business Planning certificate course and began pursuing their business ambitions in the fields of daycare, notary, health products, graphic design and printing, and insurance (see picture on right). Five of these entrepreneurs have opened businesses in the Richmond Flea Market, and two others share office space. AnewAmerica’s presence in Richmond is helping low-income new American families, who are most vulnerable to the effects of the current recession, find a way to develop economic security for their families.

We also offer microenterprise development services, including Business Planning classes, in the City of Concord.

Richmond Office:

2369 Barrett Ave
Richmond, CA 94804

For information about our services in Richmond and Concord, contact Lisset Ramirez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by phone at (510) 532-5240.

Richmond Entrepreneur Profile: Leonor Garcia

AnewAmerica Graduate, Ambassador, Teacher’s Assistant, and Owner of Two Businesses
AnewAmerica Class of 2004


Leonor Garcia is a graduate of AnewAmerica's Business Incubator program and the owner of two businesses: a natural vitamin business, Consejería en Salud, and a daycare (in formation).

Leonor's desire to share AnewAmerica’s empowering model with other new Americans in Richmond led her to become an Outreach Consultant and recruit entrepreneurs for the business planning course in the City of Richmond. As a teacher’s assistant for these groups, Leonor is helping her fellow new American entrepreneurs to successfully complete the course. She acts as an ongoing mentor, providing participants with one-on-one tutoring to help them complete business plans and launch their businesses.

Leonor is an Ambassador for AnewAmerica’s crucial work in the Richmond community, and is a testament to the power of collaborative effort. She states, “Now that AnewAmerica is operating in Richmond, more and more residents are requesting information about AnewAmerica.” Leonor’s spirit of collaboration infected the new group of entrepreneurs as well; they actively network, and utilize each others’ businesses. A group of five AnewAmerica entrepreneurs that Leonor mentors share a space at the Richmond Flea Market.

Special thanks to Chevron for its valuable support of AnewAmerica and for making Leonor Garcia’s success possible.