Board Profile: Debra Taylor

An Interview with Board of Directors Vice Chair, Debra Taylor

Debra Taylor, Senior Vice President / Regional Manager of Union Bank has been on AnewAmerica's Board of Directors since 2009. Early this year she assumed the position of Vice Chair.

1. You recently began your post as Vice Chair of AnewAmerica’s Board of Directors. What compels you to support AnewAmerica’s work and to serve on our Board?
It’s important for me to be part of an organization that’s making a real impact in our community. AnewAmerica’s programs are improving the lives of low-income people. It makes me proud to participate in this work as a Board member.

2. How, in your perspective, is AnewAmerica making a difference in the lives of low-income new Americans?
AnewAmerica serves the low-income individuals that are often overlooked and marginalized in our society with comprehensive business development services. I see the difference AnewAmerica is making in people’s lives when I interact with their entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs have pride in their businesses and their unique products and services, and pride in their ability to provide for their families and to create jobs. To get to know these business-owners is to see AnewAmerica’s work in action. AnewAmerica is cultivating businesses that are a gift to our community.

3. What do you see is the value of providing microenterprise development services and financial literacy education to low-income families?
Finances are the core of survival on this planet. If you want to have a life that gives you the opportunity to do more than have your basic needs met, but to realize your full potential, you have to be financially literate. Financial literacy creates a more level playing field in the economic world, and helps society as a whole. Small and microbusinesses are the core of our society.  These small businesses are often highly creative, lending a vibrancy to our lives. If a business owner doesn’t know how to navigate their finances, they won’t survive, no matter how great their product or service is. This is the beauty of AnewAmerica: they provide the training and assistance that entrepreneurs need to survive and thrive.

4. Anything else you would like to add?
I am continually inspired by how committed my fellow Board-members are to the organization and its mission. We all support the organization because we care about its work and impact.