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Donor Spotlight: Union Bank

Sponsor Spotlight: Union Bank

Platinum Sponsor of AnewAmerica's Microbusiness Expo & Celebration

An Interview With Julius Robinson, Executive Vice President - Group Head, Corporate Social Responsibility

1.Union Bank is AnewAmerica’s Platinum sponsor at this year’s Microbusiness Expo and Celebration. Why does Union Bank support the work of AnewAmerica?

AnewAmerica’s ambitions are consistent with those of Union Bank: we are both working to achieve economic equity in underserved communities. At Union Bank, we are trying to collectively collaborate with community partners to leverage the best that we all have to offer. We recognize AnewAmerica as a leader in building corporate and community partnerships to benefit low-income communities. I would also like to recognize and support the work of my colleague, Debra Taylor, who serves on the Board of Directors of AnewAmerica.

2. How does AnewAmerica’s work align with the values of Union Bank?
AnewAmerica’s microbusiness incubator model helps families cultivate their entrepreneurial spirit to create a new life in this country. Similarly, Union Bank is a strong supporter of small businesses, particularly those owned by women, minorities and veterans. Partnering with organizations like AnewAmerica around our common goals helps us to extend our work. We are dedicated to helping people grow small businesses, build assets, develop financial literacy and purchase homes. At Union Bank, we subscribe to a “theory of change” that is rooted in supporting the growth of healthy communities. Like AnewAmerica, we are dedicated to social responsibility in action.

3. Why is it important to teach low-income individuals about entrepreneurship and financial literacy?
The past five years has witnessed the worst economic downturn of our country’s history since the great depression. Those times were exasperated by individuals and families who were not equipped to make the best decisions about their finances. In the present economic climate we are extremely aware of how important it is to teach people how to make decisions for their long-term financial security. Teaching individuals how to start their own business and nurturing their entrepreneurial spirit gives them the opportunity to become economically self-sufficient and to establish long-term economic well-being.

4. Each year AnewAmerica grants one of our entrepreneurs with a Green Business of the Year Award.
We are excited to have Union Bank present the award this year. What does Union Bank view as the importance of environmental sustainability? There is no award that makes me happier than this award. Teaching entrepreneurs how to conserve resources lessens their impact on the environment and also saves capital, that they can put back into their business and nurture their families. In addition, by being “green”, AnewAmerica’s entrepreneurs are competing in a cutting-edge industry. Environmental sustainability is one of the priorities of Union Bank, and we are proud to grant this award at the Microbusiness Expo & Celebration

5. Anything else you would like to add?
Viola Gonzales, AnewAmerica’s CEO, is a member of our Community Advisory Board. We are grateful for her contribution and insight into the unique challenges of low-income and immigrant communities.

Donor Profile: Cathay Bank


Paul Wong, Assistant Vice President & Branch Manager (Richmond Branch), and Bill Chan, Branch Manager (San Francisco Branch) present AnewAmerica CEO, Viola Gonzales and COO, Robert Lattimore, with a check for support for AnewAmerica's Business Incubator Program and Financial Literacy services.


Donor Spotlight: An Interview with Esther Wee, Senior Vice President & CRA Officer at Cathay Bank

1. Why does Cathay Bank support the work of AnewAmerica?
AnewAmerica helps new Americans, especially those below the extremely low-income limit, to attain economic self-sufficiency. Their three-year micro-business development program provides thorough and comprehensive training to about 1,200 individuals annually. AnewAmerica is results oriented and its programs lead to job creation. It provides financial literacy education in three languages to a broad spectrum of families in the Bay Area.

2. Why is it important to enable low-income new Americans to learn micro-enterprise development skills?
Historically and globally, micro-enterprises represent an efficient self-sufficiency and job creation platform. However, it is through training programs like AnewAmerica’s micro-business development program that many micro-entrepreneurs are armed with business management skills that ensure the long-term viability and success of the micro-enterprises.

3. Cathay Bank is a strong supporter of AnewAmerica’s work as a whole, and specifically our work in financial literacy education. What do you see as the value of providing financial literacy education to new American entrepreneurs?
Cathay Bank is the oldest bank in the country founded by Chinese Americans. Over the past 50 years, we have witnessed the growth and success of many of our customers - from micro-enterprises to multimillion dollar corporations; we know what it takes for a new American to run a strong and successful business. New entrepreneurs today face an even more difficult and challenging world. Financial literacy education will help optimize resources to result in a win-win for all, the entrepreneur and the community. Cathay Bank applauds AnewAmerica for their strong commitment to community development and the success of their financial literacy programs. To learn more about Cathay Bank’s efforts to serve communities, visit




Donor Profile: Ken Malecke


Donor Profile: Ken Malecke, Member of the Investor's Guild Monthly Pledge Program

Ken Malecke

AnewAmerica’s work is an essential element in creating a healthy society.  My initial interest in AnewAmerica was sparked from the passion of Sylvia Rosales-Fike (AnewAmerica’s President and CEO).  I have been working in the non-profit sector for much of my adult career, and seldom do I meet someone who speaks with such belief, commitment, and dedication to an organization. Also, AnewAmerica provides individuals with the skills necessary to uplift their place in society and feel ownership within their community, which is important to me as a donor.

It is imperative that we all give back on some level, even during these challenging economic times.  Without the work of organizations like AnewAmerica, the ramifications of the current economic downturn would be even more devastating for our vulnerable populations.

For me, choosing to give to an organization is a very personal decision.  Within myself, I establish what is important for me to support and where my support is most needed.

The Investor's Guild, AnewAmerica's monthly pledge program, enables me to make a smaller contribution each month throughout the year, while making a long-term investment in the work of AnewAmerica.  The program creates parameters of commitment in my life. It is important to me to make a commitment to AnewAmerica and to live out that promise of support.  In addition, the recurring donor program is easy.  The payments happen automatically.  I am reminded on a monthly basis that I am a long-term supporter of an organization doing essential work in our communities.

No matter how big or small your gift is, it is important to give.


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Consider joining the Investor's Guild and becoming a monthly donor to AnewAmerica today.  The Investor's Guild is a pledge program that allows you to contribute a small amount each month while making a big and long-term investment in new Americans working to build economic stability for their families, communities and America. Click here for more information.