Ways to Give

Ways to Give

Welcome to the AnewAmerica Investor's Guild Monthly Pledge Program!

The Investor's Guild is a pledge program that allows you to contribute a small amount each month while making a big and long-term investment in new Americans working to build economic stability for their families, communities and America.  Click here to Join Today!

What your gift gives . . .

*      For as little as $10 a month, a new American has the opportunity to participate in a culturally sensitive Financial Education Seminar to learn about the financial basics including credit and debit cards, how to set-up a budget and stick to it, and how to protect yourself from fraud

*      For $25 a month, a new American can actively participate in a Home Ownership Seminar where they learn about how they can build capital for economic stability and economic growth with collateral.

*      For $50 a month, a new American can earn a college certificate in Business Planning.

*      For $85 a month, a new American Entrepreneur can expand their business and create a job for another worker.

*      For $125 a month, a new business can be started with a matching grant into an IDA Account

*      For $425 a month, an entire new American Family will learn about and be able to open their first checking & savings accounts all in their language of comfort.

*      For $840 a month, a new American business can become a functioning Green Business

*      For $4,175 a month, a new American Family is permanently moved out of the realm of the working poor and begins to actively contribute to the betterment of our community thru job creation, and fiscal and social responsibility.

Investor's Guild FAQs

What is the Investor's Guild?
Why is monthly giving important?
What are the benefits to me?
How does it work?

What is the Investor's Guild?

*      A pledge program that allows you to contribute a small amount each month while making a long-term investment in New Americans working to build economic stability for their families, communities and America.

*      A simple way for you to multiply the impact of your charitable giving and be part of a select group of our most loyal contributors.

Why is monthly giving important?

*      Your reliable monthly or quarterly gift to the Investor’s Guild will allow AnewAmerica to promote the long-term economic empowerment of new Americans - new citizens, immigrants, and refugees - and to encourage their full participation in the economic, social and cultural growth of America.

*      AnewAmerica has a 9-year track record of success providing Entrepreneurs and their families a package of comprehensive services for three years to meet their entrepreneurial, cultural and linguistic needs. To keep building on the success of our one-of-a-kind model, which integrates business incubation, asset-building and social responsibility, we depend on the sustaining support of generous investors like you.

*      In order to continue to support our clients during the political and cultural shifts of today, Investor’s Guild members give AnewAmerica the resources to collaborate with, guide and support our clients and their families throughout the varied and growing communities of the Bay Area.

What are the benefits to me?

*      Your contribution to the Investor’s Guild happens automatically with no bothersome phone calls or invoices.

*      You’ll receive AnewAmerica newsletters (including the Investor’s Guild News & Client Newsletter “Enterprising Times”), event invitations (the annual Gala & Micro enterprise Expo, the Social Responsibility Summit, etc.) and e-mail alerts. For more information on benefits, please read the Investor’s Guild Circles & Benefits.

*      Eliminate frequent fundraising letters from AnewAmerica and help us reduce our fundraising costs and environmental impact.

*      If you pledge $125 or more per month, you’ll also become a member of our Angel Investor’s Circle (a select group of Contributors who give $1,500 or more per year) and receive special benefits, including complimentary tickets to our Gala & Micro enterprise Expo and the Social Responsibility Summit. You can get more information on becoming a major Contributor, including all the special benefits of the Angel Investor’s Circle  membership, by clicking on: Angel Investors Circle.

*      Your name will be listed in AnewAmerica’s annual reports and other publications as a member of the Investor’s Guild.

How does it work?

*      Simply make a monthly or quarterly pledge to AnewAmerica using your credit card: $15, $25, $50, $125 or more. Select the amount that fits your budget.

*      Go online or send us this enrollment form. We will process your payment once a month or quarter. It’s that simple. No checks to write, no stamps to buy. You may also make your Investor’s Guild gift online by clicking here.

*      To cancel, simply notify AnewAmerica in writing at any time.

*      For more information, or to make your Investor’s Guild contribution over the phone, please contact us at 510.540.7785 ext. 306. or contact Sarah Clark at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.