Our Model

Our Model

AnewAmerica has developed an innovative Business Incubator model, which integrates business incubation, asset-building and social responsibility. Entrepreneurs and their families receive a package of comprehensive services for three years to meet their cultural and linguistic needs.

The ABCs of AnewAmerica

AnewAmerica offers a comprehensive three-year program of support for low-income American entrepreneurs including microbusiness incubation, asset building, and social responsibility. Our program includes the following services:

Asset Development

Financial literacy and savings incentives (which may include a 1:1 dollar match) guide entrepreneurs in setting and achieving goals to invest in their businesses

Access to Capital

A continuum of strategic services to help clients repair and build credit, build assets and prepare them to access business loans and become bankable in the near future.

Access to Technology

Bridges the digital divide by providing technology training and assistance in obtaining computer equipment

Business Incubation

With training and coaching, supports the growth and profitability of microbusinesses 

Business Markets

Assisting microentrepreneurs to place their products in the marketplace

Business Credentials

Participants earn a certificate in business planning

Community Networks

Connects entrepreneurs with business networks and resources available to them

Community Responsibility

Encourages and empowers our entrepreneurs to be community leaders and to effect social change